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Criticspace Journal is celebrating with the world of Literature. Have you been looking for a platform for showing your story to the world? Yes! You have reached to right destination. We understand the worth of writers and the value of their writings. Criticspace publishes the article in front of the larger section of the readers. We tell the real story of yours and your work to the world. The skills you have is well tested here in different parameters by our experts. We know, how much you love literature, and to materialise it, we have developed this platforms for readers and authors to get connected to each other. Criticspace is not just publishing the articles but we are supporting the trying to improve the habit of writing.

Criticspace Book Expert Reviews

Getting a book review is a great achievement for an author since these days publishing a book is not that tough task. Getting it reached to target hands is the most difficult task that authors are facing these days. Criticspace is here with the genuine book reviews for readers, they can find the best literatures featuring in the world of literature. Book Reviews are the greatest tools to find the quality of the book. Being a reader, you will look for the best rather trying for a book by purchasing it. We will let you know what you must read and what you must not. Being an author, you must be informed that how much your writing is hitting the heart of your readers. How much good the quality of your content is, we will give a complete review by our core review team in every aspects of the story.

Criticspace Author Interviews

The most interesting things of the book is not what is written inside, rather, it is how it has been written by the author. What are those behind the stories, the circumstances that made to write the book which you are going to read. We take interest in conducting Author Interviews and present the glips of those converstions to our readers. Criticspace has set a new platform for authors to tell their real story to his/ her target readers.


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