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The Lost Part Within
Author Nikhil Nannaware

it is an affecting and sentimental little story written by a young author Nikhil, which is full of fun, friends, love and pain. I came to realize that the movie's quoted line, "Love means never having to say you're sorry" is a complete falsehood. In fact, love means always being willing to say your sorry, and to mean it. Love grows stronger with humility.
The story belongs to them who fell for someone; the story belongs to everyone who is reading. Generally the feelings are felt but you're reading! This is what happened and this is what happens! Who knows at which page of the diary you'll think it's your own. Who knows it may be your story too!
The book starts with some beautiful memories of the past, which attracts reader to read the book from starting to the end. The catchy Hindi lines are looking soo interesting that keeps the reader in the grip throughout. The time of the school days were really great with three friends, the memories with the friends were really very funny. The first meet of the boy and the girl is much like a scene of a romantic movie. The feelings of the love from the writer's pen is soo beautiful and natural which takes us to an imaginary world of that time. Immature and unconditional love feelings are beautifully described.
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