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Card of Fate Duke of Quails Book Review

The introduction to Card of Fate: Poems of a Gambling Addiction by Duke of Quails lays the foundation for the tragic aspects of this heartbreaking addiction. The poems are divided into three chapters: An Innocent Game; Drowning Bet; Thrown Away Success. Each poem illustrates the often-gradual process in the development of this addiction that can eventually destroy the life of the gambler and his family. The emotions - from joy to doubt to agony - encompassed in each piece are palpable and unforgettable. The many methods of gambling are also described; there are lottery tickets, horse races, slot machines, blackjack tables, and so the list goes on. Even more potent than these factors is the pure psychological rush from the chase for money, not unlike the highs from drugs or alcohol. This poetry reveals all the aspects of this insidious addiction. While the writer has remained anonymous, he states in the conclusion that he is a great observer of life - this certainly is true. The Duke of Quails has penned poignant poetry in Card of Fate: Poems of a Gambling Addiction. Each work describes another aspect, from the first days of the excitement and rush, to the sad endings of losing every penny, self-respect and loving relationships. The author has added small touches to exemplify the destruction; even the font of the chapter titles is broken. Anyone who has a gambling problem, or is affected by another's gambling addiction, would benefit by reading this book and growing in understanding of this common addiction.