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Back to Blueberry Pond Book Review

Three friends Kyle, Brandon and Vanessa make a friendship pact and each places a treasured item in a Tupperware bowl, to be buried and never uncovered again. They grow older and drift apart, each friend holds tightly onto the secrets of that night and their friendship pact. Three separate lives, yet the contents of what they buried held their friendship together. Twenty years later, each character is struggling. Kyle is an alcoholic that can't keep it together, Brandon lost his career and his family is in financial danger, and Vanessa is divorcing her husband and trying to keep it together for her daughters. Each struggle is directly tied to what they buried in that Tupperware so many years ago... but they said they would never dig it up.

Back to Blueberry Pond by Carla Trueheart was an instant attention-grabber. I love that the story started where it should at Blueberry Pond, with all of our main characters. The three characters meet again and although I thought the book kicked off with a bang and easily caught my attention, after they meet up and events start to unravel, it was nearly impossible to put down. I was sneaking my Kindle out during my vacation so I keep getting glimpses of the story, of the journey these three were taking. There was a fantastic mystery aspect as well with the Tupperware bowl, there were breath-taking scenes, maddening moments, and conversations that brought tears to my eyes. This was an incredibly moving novel, and I am so happy I was able to read Back to Blueberry Pond.